Keala serves as a crew member aboard the Polynesian Voyaging
Society's  Hokule'a, "
a performance-accurate full-scale replica
of a waʻa kaulua
, a Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe."*

Read about Keala's
voyage to Japan which was featured in an
article in Hana Hou, The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.
Read Keala's reflections on his most recent voyage to Palmyra Atoll.
Steering the Hokule'a
Making a friend on Palmyra Atoll
Aboard the Hokule'a in Japan
“Each of my creations are deep, personal, emotional expressions of
what I feel, and to understand my art is to understand the very unique
culture I represent. “

Keala has been featured in two of Hawaii's newspapers:
For information about the Hokule'a, and the
Polynesian Voyaging Society
,click here.
*Courtesy of Wikipedia
Keala and his daughter,
Hali'a, aboard the Hokule'a