Hokule'a" is the Hawaiian name for Arcturus, and literally
means “Star of Gladness".   It is the bright star that passes
directly over the Hawaiian Islands.  Launched in 1975, the
Hokule’a is an Hawaiian double hull voyaging canoe,
measuring 62 feet, 4 inches in length.  

Hokule'a was built to help resolve issues about
Polynesian settlement by obtaining realistic data on how
these canoes sailed and how traditional navigation
methods worked on long voyages.  

In 1976
Hokule’a sailed successfully from Hawaii to Tahiti
and back using traditional Polynesian methods.  In the last
35 years, she has accumulated over 175,000 nautical
miles. Currently,
Hokule’a is in dry dock preparing for its
Worldwide Voyage in which she will circumnavigate the

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