Before the great peleleu war canoes of King
Kamehameha were built, (huge double hulled
canoes, with sloop style sails, mounted cannon
and some with rudders), I can't help but imagine
that the great Hawaiian warrior king would have
experimented first, on more traditionally built craft.

Before anything else, (it is  just my  personal
belief), he  would  have  mounted a  cannon on his
"first available favored  craft."  I can just see the
great Kamehameha, without even saying a word,
pointing to a  cannon and then pointing to the bow  
of  HIS " personal " canoe.  I can see it all
happening....THAT FAST!  

This piece  of  art is  about  such a canoe....a canoe
 that  I've  always  had in my  heart.  It's a drawing
I've always wanted to do.  I truly believe that time....while the great peleleu
canoes were being built ....there was a canoe....
that  fit the description of "doing something first"!