Providence Undetermined

Hawaiian Sculpture by L. Halley Cox with
William H. Davenport
British Museum, London
S-9 Bowl with 3 support figures
Height 7 ¾ inches hard brown wood
In Hawaii, sculptures were made for
magical, religious, and social uses.  It
was  representational art, undertaken for
the express purpose of rendering
abstract concepts into concrete form.

“I drew this sculpture twice.  The first
time, I drew it true to its current state,
with its faces totally worn off due to
many years of ritual usage.  

At the time of the second drawing, for
some reason or another, the sculpture
compelled  me to reconstruct its faces,
giving back its identity and restoring its

Many of my drawings become a spiritual
journey within myself, as did this one,
but for some reason this drawing was
the first in which I actually heard voices.”